Friday, November 8, 2013

Dimager Pimp My Picture Full + Crack


IDimager Pimp My Picture Full + Crack is a fun image editor that allows you to decorate your photos with high quality clipart graphics, text balloons, and quotes. Pimp My Picture includes a collection of 600+ graphics covering almost any occasion. Pimp My Picture comes free software with over 600 ready to use and high quality graphics. These graphics are organized in categories for easy access. All the graphics are vector based, meaning that they would not lose quality when scaling them. There will be a suitable graphic for every occasion. Just let your imagination be your guide.

IDimager Pimp My Picture Full + Crack - Customizable All graphics that come with Pimp My Picture are customizable. There are options to change outline strokes, fill colors, shadows, glows zhonreturn, and more. This way you can provide the graphics with a personal touch. Another way of customizing your graphics is by using masks. With a mask you can erase parts of the graphic to make them better suitable for the photo they are placed on.

Main of IDimager Pimp My Picture Full + Crack:

    Pimp My Picture offers features to decorate your photos.
    Add graphics to pictures; from Comic Faces to Stickers.
    Add face pimp effects to pictures, from mustaches to glasses.
    Add text balloons with several supported shapes.
    Add free text.
    Rotate graphics.
    Mask graphics by removing parts of the graphic.
    Change fill properties like colors or opacity.
    Change stroke properties.
    Add shadow and Glow.
    Comes with 600+ high quality graphics.

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